Mitt Romney’s trip to Europe

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Ok, I will say it…Obama is an embarrassing disaster. He will go down as the worst President of the United States up to this point. He is a master at deflection.

A case in point: Obama spends most of his energy on getting the liberal media all fired up about raising taxes on the rich and suggesting that that will help the economy…all studies show that that will only pay for about 7 days worth of our Federal Governments spending at today’s levels. Just think, if the Liberals actually increase taxes they will surely increase government spending by much more with the result being that the people have less money to invest in their own businesses and into the economy, which will lead to even less jobs and a worse economy in the United States.

Now the Obama administration is gloating over any minor conflict during Mitt Romney’s visit to Europe. The administration’s spokes puppet, Robert Gibbs even went so far as to say “[Romney] both offended our closest allies and triggered a troubling reaction in the most sensitive region in the world.” In that article they offered as proof that a Palestinian leader and the Chinese government were upset with Romney. Sheesh, since when were the Palestinians and the Chinese our “closest allies?”

Read the article by abc news (gee they wouldn’t be biased would they?) here:

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