Are terrorists normal people who somehow are changed to be irrational and angry

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As you watch the story of the Boston Bombers unfold, with the media trying to paint a picture of how “normal” these guys used to be, it begs the question “At some point, do they just change and become irrational and angry?” Is that how the extreme jihadists do it, by somehow brainwashing otherwise normal people into becoming something that they are not?

Well, let’s take a look at Zubeidat Tsarnaev as she “wails” to the media. Zubeidat is the mother of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and one can assume she had a large impact on their values and beliefs because she raised them. In this video she says that she went to America thinking that America would protect “us”, but America took her kids away.

At some point she exclaims “Why did I even go there?” One possible, and somewhat sarcastic, answer to her question would be “Um, to put forth a terrorist agenda by blowing up innocent Americans.” Remember, Zubeidat was on a terrorist watch list too.

Is she irrational? Well, considering the fact that the proof that her children were the monsters that set off those bombs is overwhelming. Couple that with the fact that her children ran from the authorities, while throwing home-made bombs out the window of the SUV that they stole, while also shooting at the police with the gun that they took from the body of the police officer that they murdered…yes, one can safely assume that Zubeidat is either irrational or just plain lying. Per chance, she is happy that her boys fulfilled their psychotic extremist fantasy by killing “non-believers” and now, Zubeidat is happy “knowing” that her oldest son is right now enjoying alcohol that never leaves a hangover, rivers of milk and honey, and 72 untouched women that are there strictly to sexually please him. I think that the term “Jihad Mom” accurately describes her and yes, by most peoples’ definition she is irrational.

Did you also notice that her cries appear to be faked. She does not seem to be in pain over the death of her oldest son and the incarceration of her youngest. To me, she looks like someone that is lying and trying to manipulate opinion in her favor. At the end of the video, she says “They are already trying to make me look as a terrorist.” Um, no, you are doing a good job of that all by yourself.

This is the woman who raised Dzhokhar and Tamerlan and some suspect that she was also instrumental, at the very least, in their becoming the terrorists that they grew up to be.

So, understanding that this woman raised those two terrorists, were they really normal people who were brainwashed or were they messed up in the head all along and just putting on the act of “normalcy?” You decide.

As we get to see more of this family and delve more into the lives of these Muslim extremists that want to kill us we must remember that these people are our enemies. They want to kill us all. They do not acknowledge our right to exist AND will do everything in their power to ensure that we do not exist.

We, as Americans, must remember who these people really are and what their agenda is. The character that Jeff Dunham created that jokingly exclaims “I KEEL YOU.” is, unfortunately, the way that they really are, but without the comical attitude. As much as the politically correct folks want to believe that we can extend a hand of friendship to our enemies and somehow they will finally accept it, the reality of the situation is much different. We can never truly understand their motives but we can understand what they will do every time they get the chance, they want to destroy us.

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