Attorney Judy Clark to do her best to keep Dzhokhar from entering Paradise

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Attorney Judy Clark
It was announced today that one of the most successful attorneys for defending against the death penalty, Judy Clark, has taken the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to try to keep him alive.

Now, I don’t claim to be a scholar on crazy religions, especially radical Islam. However, I am reasonably certain that the reason that terrorists often kill themselves while trying to kill non-believers is that because if they die doing this (they consider it martyring themselves) then they not only are guaranteed admittance to Paradise, but they also get extra stuff in the afterlife. They get a direct line to Allah. They get running water, 72 virgins, etc.

Now, if Dzhokar is put to death, then a case may be made that he was martyred and because of that he becomes one of the privileged few in the after life. However, if he just tells the authorities everything that he knows, begs for his own life, and ends up with life in prison, then when he dies he gets nothing…according to the lunacy that Muslims such as him call a religion. I would assume that he would not be one of the privileged few. He may not even be admitted into paradise.

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