Geraldo Rivera does not get it

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Geraldo Revera tweeted:

“Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters. We know how Boston will aggravate life’s friction-Now’s the time for patience pride & understanding”

What about regrets to the victims of the actions of these extreme Muslim terrorists? Does Geraldo not have those regrets?

He seems to be worried about the backlash that Muslims may get from this? I have a great idea for a backlash:

1) We change our immigration laws right away and do not let ANY more Muslims into our country…none on student VISA’s, none allowed to become citizens, none even allowed to vacation here. Let’s keep it this way for at least 2 years…if it works, for much longer.
2) Any Muslim mosque in the United States that is found to preach, push, or even hint at radical Islamic ideals that purport action against Christians and/or the United States will be immediately shut down by our government, the property confiscated, and the sale of that property giving to the Wounded Warrior program.

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