Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Evil?

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People that knew him, prior to him knowingly setting down a book-sack with a bomb in it that killed and maimed many innocent Americans, describe him as “a nice guy.” The media are playing up stories from his friends of how helpful he was. How courteous he was. How he was just like any other kid his age.

But he was not. Any other kid his age does not knowingly commit an act of terror against people that had never caused them harm.

No matter what Dzhokhar’s reasons, no matter what his intent was, his actions were the actions of an evil person. For that, we should not sympathize with him, we should not even empathize with him, we should ensure that he can not hurt any one else for the rest of his days on this planet. Whether he is our enemy, or the tool of our enemy, we can not let them weaken our resolve to rid the world of these monsters.

History is filled with charismatic men that people just loved at the time, men that turned out to be evil by any and every definition of the word.

Look at Charles Manson. A good looking, charismatic guy, with devoted followers that loved him more than life itself. He was a total nut job and had no qualms about torturing and killing innocent people. Had you met him before he killed those folks, and had he had an interest in making you like him, you may have walked away from that meeting thinking “what a great guy” or something such.

Adolf Hitler was a passionate speaker, that believed what he was saying was God’s honest truth, and people were drawn to him. How many millions of Jews did he kill?

Osama Bin Laden was known as hard working in his younger days. He enjoyed writing poetry, reading, and playing association football. Was he evil? Was he a monster?

We must judge people by their actions. Everyone has within them both good and bad. Sometimes choosing to let the bad control your actions must dictate how you are thought of by your peers on this planet. Dzhokar’s actions on the day of the Boston Marathon were pure evil. No number of other days of helping someone bring in their groceries, or look for their lost cell phone can make up for that.

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