Obama on his failure to get gun control laws passed

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Sourpuss Obama and Biden

President Obama basically got his butt handed to him on a platter yesterday when the Senate refused to pass his gun control agenda.

In reply, Obama said this: “I see this as just round one.” Are you ready to keep fighting to defend your right to keep and bear arms?”

Two questions for you, the reader of this post;

1) Isn’t the President supposed to listen to the will of the people and do what we indicate (thru our votes and thru our elected officials votes)?

2) Are you ready to keep fighting to keep these liberal SOB’s from taking away our rights and freedoms by continuing to support legislation and legislators that believe in our right to keep and bear arms?

If so, “Like” or “Share” this and pass it on. We can never let our guard down and we must remain united in our fight to keep our freedoms.

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