Pictures of Boston Bombing Suspect and his Booksack

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Here are some pictures that have not even hit the National News sites yet of the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing and his booksack after the bomb went off:


This poor guy has a black backpack…no lynch mobs please:


The following two pics show guys that are more than likely federal agents:




This man on the roof is moving towards the chaos, not away:


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6 Responses to “Pictures of Boston Bombing Suspect and his Booksack”

  1. admin Says:

    I guess I should have said suspects, plural, and their booksacks

  2. Chuck Hustmyre Says:

    In the picture of the two guys standing next to each other with backpacks, the bomb has already gone off, so tell me again how it is that their backpacks ended up blown apart?

  3. admin Says:

    So, these were some of the first pictures out of bombing “suspects.”

    There are some problems with these pictures though. Yes, they are actual pics from Boston however if you notice the picture of the two guys in Khaki’s with the backpacks are taken AFTER the explosion.

  4. Chris Smith Says:

    Three things…..

    1) the guy with the backpack in the top picture is dressed the same as the others identified as “federal agents,” who are also wearing backpacks. Also, and I’m surprised this hasn’t been pointed out yet, he has a wire in his right ear, which means that he was either listening to his iPod with one ear, or he’s on a radio network with the other agents. In the other “agent” pictures, they all appear to have a wire in their right ears. I don’t think he’s a bomber. I think he’s part of the pre-explosion security picture.

    2) the backpack being held by the bearded man doesn’t look large enough to contain a 6.3 quart pressure cooker, and his facial expressions match those of the people around him in each of the views. In other words, he was as emotionally in the moment as the other spectators…..unlike a bomber might appear. Isn’t it possible that even if the shredded backpack is his, it didn’t contain a bomb but was shredded by proximity to the blast?

    3) The “man on the roof” heading toward the explosion appears to be wearing khaki pants and a dark jacket, if you enlarge the picture enough. If there were federal agents already prepositioned before the bombs went off, as part of the security picture, it would seem appropriate that at least one might be positioned on a roof….possibly as a counter-sniper. As any other first responder would do, he is moving TOWARD the chaos, rather than away from it. That’s what they do.

    Here is a picture of the first bomb, just before it went off. It’s not in a backpack:

    Here is a picture of the same area, immediately after it went off, and you can see that the package in the above picture is indeed the locus of the explosion:

    This page has some pretty good pictures (where I got the above two):

  5. Chuck Hustmyre Says:

    So why exactly are you still posting them as “suspects” and trying to photographically “match” their backpacks with the backpack destroyed in the blast? Perhaps you should leave the investigating to real investigators.

  6. 99ways2die Says:

    Still there is the fact the kid in prison right now had a back pack that was mostly white and no bomb was found in a back pack like that, while his brother had had a black pack on him with no stripes on the straps but had a Gray hour glass looking patch on the front pocket, no info was given out what happened to his and when shown on the video it was not weighed down enough to carry a 15 to 20 pound pressure cooker. The ones they caught who where sent home had their houses raided, one of which did have a black pack on the photos and there was no sign of his pack when he was sent home but in pictures it was surely weighed down by some thing. Until I hear they found his pack I will maintain my statements that the ones that went home WHERE the real bombers while the Zarnev or how ever it is spelled, where brought in thinking they would be more involved but they where really brought up to take the full blame and take the chase in the gun fight. Still terrorists but set up as patsies. Plus it’s funny how the courts in a public case with a camera ALLOWED law has ordered cameras will not be allowed in this case and no one but people involved in this case will be allowed in the course WHILE this case is held separately from all court cases held where the bring in the chain gang. These pictures can be altered all they want, the holes are still in the real story and in now way match up to Zarnevs innocence or guilt, only to their innocence by being guilty for plotting to be part of some thing they turned out to be the patsies to with out prior knowledge. Which raises the question, why did the real bombers be let go and who where they working for in the first place?

    As this was going on there is also the fact to the JFK Library, a building once a month gets check ups to the electrical system and sewage by federal paid unions and is known to hold past government documents no one is allowed to read except the Government officials and CIA agents sent to read, hidden in the oldest books no one uses anymore, Why did it catch fire from an electrical issue and in a concrete and brick building? What really was there to burn to cause the amount of smoke that came from the building in the first place if some thing hadn’t been lit on fire from an outside source outside the concrete and brick walls? Why for the first time anyone knows of did this happen on this very day but it was called “Unrelated?

    And these “suspects”, one of which, with the black backpack is one let to go home even though the authorities could not find the back pack photo evidence released him having at the race but they couldn’t find it at his home. The other suspect in the blue and white clothing with blue duffel bag was allowed to go home as well and they couldn’t find his bag either, though in the photos he is clearly carrying one, that of which had no match to the bags carrying the bombs they found BUT in no way does that prove anything when they never found a third bag thought three explosions where reported. There where three bombs reported, and one had the gray stripe as shown in media and 1 other was found but only described as black and said to have no other markings, such as the “suspects”, while one has still never been found at either the bomb site so it could be a blue defel bag but “No one knows”. . Main Stream Media reported these facts, so that should still be a “suspect”, in the black back pack standing with the guy in the blue duffel bag, the police just won’t investigate it and where probably told not to by some one of higher athority. At least one of the men in these pictured is guilty, and it’s not the older slow looking short guy, and it MAY not be the one in blue duffel even if they where reported as friends, so where’s the missing back pack and why where THEY sent home before even being called in as a witness? Why did the Zarnev brother in prison have a back pack that matched none of the back pack’s in question on security cam, on tape and on the same tape his brother in front of him had a black pack yes, but way to light to be filled with a 20 pound pressure cooker and why in a public open court mandated state are the cameras taken out so no one may witness this court case?

    Keep relying on “real” investigators, they are paid not to investigate where they are told not to. Just like Media is paid to keep their mouths shut just the same. Worrying about these photos however will get you know where, they where probably doctored by the investigation team them selves to confuse averyone until the real bombers went home, the real question there is why are their a very few photos we are supposed to believe according to the white house that really show nothing and the video that only shows Zarnev’s coming into the crowd area but not to focus on the fact ones back pack didn’t even match the ones found with the bomb and he still had his as he was running away getting hand grenades and pistols out of it firing the firearms at the police? Why after his brother was killed was all the major attention taken off him fully? What do we know about his run? Did he have his pack? Some say yes, others say no. Was he seen in the area with anything to say he might have had the bomb, no, FBI reports his white back pack wearing brother putting down his white back pack and still had it during the chase so he obviously picked it back up but no one reported on his brother setting his black back pack down anywhere. One thing I notice about the comments of these photos, there is nothing to show that close ups of the people are taken “after” the explosions, only the obvious after math shows that it takes place, the close up’s show people smiling enjoying the marathon so that theory is done.

    Most important fact, if the brother that was caught was supposedly shooting at the police while throwing grenades at them why was there no grenade component pieces reported to be found or any weaponry found anywhere that he supposedly used against them?

    next fact, pressure cookers are heavy, in the video and photos, neither brothers packs showed any signs of being weighed down by anything more then some bagged lunch and a spare pair of shoes. Far cry from a 15 to 20 pound pressure cooker, how ever the “Suspect” in HIS back pack who they let go back to his country had a black pack that was carrying a considerably heavier and bulkier amount making him the more obvious suspect from all pictured circulating about him after the bombing, questioning why this fact is, why was it so bulky? That is also the pack the police never found raiding his home. As stated in the media.

    Final fact, There where three explosions reported to have been heard, 2 back packs where recovered, only one was shown in any photos or video of the scene in media, and the third was some how never recovered. The only one showed in the media look nothing like the suspect Zarnev brother who died in the chase from photos and the video nor did the one described in media they did not show as being black an unmarked (meaning no gray stripe on strap or gray hour glass looking patch on the outside front pocket as shown in photos of Zarnev and his pack). Then you have the third reported explosion with no pack found at all but the other “suspect” with blue duffel bag’s was never found in the raid either so no one can say for sure what happened to it but it’s suspicious.

    The only real conclusion is maybe the Zarnev brothers where in fact just there to enjoy the show while invited by the real bombers to take the blame be it the facts there are no real facts to say they did anything at all. The police let two suspects go (and leave the country) who they didn’t even bring into court for even eye witness accounts but neither can verify where they’re packs even are and the raid turned up nothing even though it was obvious they did have possession of them at one time. It was like they went in their houses, said “We can’t find the smoking gun, did you do it?” The”suspects” said “no” and the cops said “Ok, you are free to leave THE COUNTRY, we don’t need you anymore”. and sent them on their merry way like the case was solved with out any real questioning or trial and not even made to stand as witness to some thing most the rest of Boston sure will be.

    Mean while the two that actually seemed to be the only ones that couldn’t have actually done the bombing (Not to say they are fully innocent or guilty), ones dead and the other is in prison being violated by the court ignoring the open court states laws governed to protect the accused and protect public opinion so they can see the facts of innocents or guilt and ordered to make sure the courts play by the book and any lies, corruption and rail roading can not be hidden from the public.

    So if the court system is allowing that, what do you think the investigators are really doing?

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