States try to increase taxes on cigarettes

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When our pinhead moral majority thinks about sin taxes they are all for increasing taxes on cigarettes. Their arguments range from “people shouldn’t smoke so it is Ok for them to pay more in taxes” to “do it to smokers cause health care costs to rise so they should pay higher taxes.”

Well, for the second argument, who is to say that smokers do not already pay for their own health care and research and development into drugs for commonly considered “smokers diseases” often save lives of non-smokers.

For that first argument, if we are going to penalize smokers why stop there. You like having a Diet Dr. Pepper or some sort of soda? Each can should be taxed at the same rate as a pack of cigarettes. Same for all soft drinks because they are bad for you, are linked to cancer, and they cause obesity…even the diet ones. What about a tax on every item sold at all fast food restaurants. An order of fries…slap that same tax on them. Want a burger made with white bread with those fries…another tax. Soft drink to wash all that crap down…more taxes!

Why stop there? Chips, cookies, donuts, the list goes on and on just on the bad foods that we consume as Americans…if we tax all bad foods just like cigarettes we will have instant surpluses for our politicians to spend on whatever they spend our money on.

Another staple of American life that studies have proven to be bad for your health…television, computers, pda’s, cell phones, etc. Anything more than 2 hours in front of any of them is bad for your health because you are not moving enough. So, why not tax lazy people too…watch more than 2 hours of TV…a tax on you for each additional hour per day that you watch. We could even combine everything; spending more than 2 hours per day combined, online, watching TV, or playing on your pda or phone…tax ya!

If we did all of this, fairly soon only the rich could smoke, drink, eat bad foods, and enjoy television. As all of us poor folk live longer and healthier, and the rich folks die off quickly, we can have their money too…

Then we will truly be living in Shangri La; we can use their money to do all of the things that we want…sit in front of a TV having a smoke and a coke. Well, at least until we die off and then just the government (of what people, by what people, and for whatever people are left) remains.

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