Did CNN fake a satellite interview?

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We have all heard the stories before of the big liberal mainstream media outlets actually creating news stories, rigging cars to blow up to make news, that kind of thing. But it appears that CNN has gone to a new low, trying to fool viewers into believing that they are having a satellite interview while they are actually in the same parking lot. Watch this video and decide for yourself:

Watch as Ashleigh Banfield and former prosecutor Nancy Grace pretend to be talking to each other, via satellite, with each lady at a different location. See the exact same cars going by in the background. The ladies are pretending to be far away from each other while in reality they appear to be about 30 feet away from each other.

Did CNN do this to fool viewers? Why would they do that? Did they do it because permits to set up and broadcast were hard to come by? If you have a theory or more news on this subject, leave it as a comment below.

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