Gun violence is way down

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A new report by Pew Research (released May 7, 2013) shows that gun violence is way down from 2004 when the so-called “assault weapons ban” expired. Look at the chart below:

Gun Homicide Chart

Gun control proponents are going to hate hearing this. If the Obama administration and the liberal Democrats continue to push for more gun control legislation, it will really make a rational person wonder why these people are wasting their time, which is really “our” time and our money on such a non-issue. Studies have shown that the majority of Americans are not in favor of more gun control. I recently read in one liberal “rag” that:

“A record-high 47% of Americans also think new gun laws are necessary, as opposed to just enforcing the current laws more stringently.”

They neglected to point out that simple math dictates that 53% DID NOT think that new gun laws are necessary!

It is high time for our elected officials, the people that we sent to Washington, stop wasting our time on their own political agendas and get on to the business at hand of making our country and our interests safer and more secure. Terrorists are alive, active, and planning on attacking us all over the globe. Unemployment in the United States is way too high, as is under-employment. We have created a system that allows too many people to mooch off of everyone else, in the form of government support. It is time to force these low lifes to get to work. Our government spends way too much money, time to cut it out. Taxes are too high.

Enough already, Washington more closely resembles a market in the Middle East with everyone trying to “get one over” on the other guy than what our founders intended, which is a sane assembly of like-minded men who have gotten together to for the purpose of bettering our Nation. It is time for a change.

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