McDonalds is trying to exploit the attention paid to the Cleveland kidnappings

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Get this, the marketing folks at Mickey-D’s noticed that Charles Ramsey mentioned that he was eating some McDonalds on two separate occasions as the story unfolds regarding the kidnapping and rape of 3 women in the Cleveland area.

The fast food giant has shamelessly made it known that they will be reaching out to Mr Ramsey soon. Umm, trying to grab a piece of the publicity are they?

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that McDonalds has been mentioned repeatedly in this story, but with a more negative connotation? Think about it, the 3 girls that were kidnapped were reportedly suffering from malnutrition. It has already been reported that between the 3 of them, they suffered at least 5 miscarriages due to malnutrition. It has also been reported by neighbors that Ariel Castro (one of the accused kidnappers) would often come home during the middle of the day with a large bag of McDonalds food and go into the house and then come out later and go back to work.

If the kidnappers fed the women a lot of McDonalds and the women were suffering from malnutrition…hmmm, what can one deduce from this? Just sayin.

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