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Two lawmakers are looking for suggestions from the American people on how we can make our tax code better. You can go to their website, and actually give them your suggestions.

My personal opinion is replace our income taxes with a progressive national sales tax.

An example:

A national retail sales tax with exemptions for certain expenses necessary to live such as most food bought from grocery stores, prescription medication, energy and utilities. This tax rate could be around 10%.

A higher sales tax, say 20%, on new luxury items such as jewelry, cars and boats above a certain value, planes, etc

An even higher sales tax rate, maybe 25%, on “sin” items such as alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, and snacks that are known to be bad for people such as chips, etc.

Remove the inheritance tax and get rid of the IRS completely.

If you are like me, and have complained about our tax situation, now is your chance to let your voice be heard by people that are trying to do something about it. Got tell’em what you think.

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