Texas Escort Murder

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A jury in Texas has a acquitted a man of 1st degree murder charges in a case where a woman came to the defendants house, at his request, to have sex with him for money. Apparently, the woman took $150 from the man and then refused to live up to her side of the bargain. In the ensuing argument, the man demanded his money back and the woman refused, it got heated and at some point he shot her. Although she did not die on the spot, she was paralyzed and died later.

Now, on the surface of this you may think, wow he handed her the money then asked for it back, and then he shot her. He should be convicted of murder.

But if you look a little further, you find that this was a scam that this woman participated in over and over again. She also had a big black guy that took her to such appointments and when the disgruntled “Johns” tried to get their money back he intervened. So, basically you have two people who had cooked up a scheme to get into people’s houses and rob them. When you look at it in this light, had those two been entering the homes of elderly people under false pretenses, then taking money from elderly people either with lies or physical intimidation, and one of those elderly people had pulled out a gun and shot one or both of them, most people would consider that justified.

Well, it is really the same thing.

I also applaud this law in Texas. Basically under Texas law, an individual is authorized to use deadly force to “retrieve stolen property at night.”

In our too politically correct society, the victims are scared to protect themselves and their property because of the possible legal ramifications. The predators know this. We basically have a society where the criminals are using the justice system against the law-abiding citizens. People are scared to defend themselves in a fight, people won’t stand up for themselves when confronted during a robbery, too many people cow down when someone confronts them.

How many times have you heard someone say something like this, if you have to shoot someone in your yard drag them into your house so that YOU don’t get arrested for murder. Really!?! We are threatened and we have to worry about how the law will look at it if we defend ourselves, our family, or even our property?

Look at another scenario. You have a shed full of expensive tools and equipment. Maybe you have a game room with nice electronics in a building on your property. Let’s say that you live about 45 minutes from the nearest city/police station. Someone comes onto your property knowing that you are a law-abiding citizen and backs up a big truck and proceeds to break into your shed and your game room and is loading up all of your stuff into their truck to steal it. What are you supposed to do? You call the police but they are at least 45 minutes away. The thieves will be long gone by the time help arrives. Do you A) Make a bowl of popcorn, pour a drink, pull up a chair outside and watch them rob you blind? or B) Got outside with a weapon and defend your property?

In a lot of states in this country, if you choose option “B” above and end up killing one of the robbers (I use the term robbing because they are stealing from you with you present and knowledgeable of what is happening vs burglarizing where they break in and steal with you being unaware) then you could be convicted of manslaughter or murder because your life was not threatened yet you still used deadly force. A lot of politically correct people would tell you that option “B” is criminal and that you should choose option “A”.

I call bullshit on that sentimentality. I applaud Texas where you are allowed to not only defend your self and your family, but you can defend your property, with deadly force if necessary.

And the girl that died, good riddance in my opinion. She was a predator preying on mens’ weakness. It’s just too bad that her big bouncer/pimp didn’t take one in the face as well.

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