A message to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all of the protesters

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It is apparent that the true racists in this country, these so called civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are not willing to accept the fact that George Zimmerman did nothing wrong. I am disgusted by the fact that these people can not let it go. George Zimmerman was found not guilty!

As a matter of FACT, Zimmerman should have never been brought to trial.

Jesse Jackson says that Trayvon Martin was doing nothing wrong. That is not correct. When Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman he was definitely doing something wrong. He was committing a felony. Even if you are black, you can not go around attacking people. It is a crime.

People try to make the case that Zimmerman should not have been following Martin. That is just bullshit! Zimmerman had every right to walk on that sidewalk just as Martin did. It is not a crime to follow someone. It is not a crime to call the police and report suspicious activity. It is, however, a crime to punch someone in the nose and beat their head into concrete.

They say that Trayvon was an innocent child. Bullshit. He was a young man, high on marijuana, acting suspiciously. Trayvon was detained by the police in the recent past with “burglary tools” and marijuana. He was a thug, or at the very least a thug wannabe. I suspect that that night he was looking for houses to break in to and steal something. We know that he was high because the coroner confirmed that he had marijuana in his system.

Zimmerman was a concerned citizen who saw a stoned Trayvon Martin acting suspiciously and Zimmerman called the police. We should applaud Zimmerman for trying to stop the burglaries and home invasions in his neighborhood.

Jesse Jackson says lets stop profiling young black men. How about this Jesse, get the young black men to stop committing crimes. There is no racial prejudice here. No one profiles old black men and women. Why? Because they generally are not criminals.

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