Congressional Black Caucus says Zimmerman violated Martin’s Civil Rights

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The Congressional Black Caucus has determined that George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s Civil rights. They also say that they stand with the NAACP and intend to push the Department of Justice to bring Federal Hate Crimes charges against George Zimmerman.

Look at what these simpletons are riled up about. A nice man, George Zimmerman, was trying to watch out for his neighborhood. From all accounts of people that know Zimmerman he does not have a racist bone in his body. Not only is he not racist, he actually cares about black people. Look at some FACTS about Zimmerman:

– He grew up with black children living in his parents home at various parts of his childhood.

– He has numerous black friends.

= He was tutoring black children, recently, and even continued tutoring them even though the program that was sponsoring this was shut down.

– He took a black girl to one of his high school dances.

– He voted for Barack Obama.

When asked by the operator, on the non-emergency line that he called to report a suspicious individual in his neighborhood, what race the individual was…”White, Hispanic, or Black?” Zimmerman replied “I think he is black.” That night it was dark out and Trayvon Martin had a hoodie on which made it difficult for Zimmerman to know what race Martin was when he originally called the police.

This nice, caring man is who the NAACP, the black Congressional Caucus, and our Justice Department are wanting to crucify? Seriously?

Now, with no evidence what-so-ever that Zimmerman violated anyone’s civil rights, ever, our Department of Justice has launched an aggressive campaign soliciting tips from the general public that would help build a case against George Zimmerman.

This is our Justice Department, once again, abusing its power and violating the rights of one of our citizens…George Zimmerman.

We need to stand up to these racist bullies! All people, blacks and non-blacks, should contact their elected officials and tell them to put pressure on both President Obama, and the Justice Department, to leave George Zimmerman alone.

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