Fair tax vs flat tax

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On this Independence day, a lot of United States citizens agree that we need to abolish the I.R.S. and replace our current tax system with something that is both fair for everyone and that can not be abused by any political party and targeted against any group or individual.

A lot of people do not understand the difference between a “Fair Tax” and a “Flat Tax” but it is pretty simple actually.

A Fair Tax (which I highly recommend, by the way) is simply a consumption tax or somewhat like a National Sales Tax. In essence, if you want to pay less taxes then purchase less products and services that are taxed. Hence, if Bill Gates wants to buy a $100,000,000.00 yacht, then he will pay a lot in taxes. If you decide to fore go buying a new car this year, then you will not pay taxes on the money that you would have spent on that car.

A Flat Tax us totally different. Basically, with a flat tax “they” pick a percentage, say 20%, and everyone pays that percentage of their gross income. Using the Bill Gates analogy, let’s say that he makes $1 Billion dollars, then he will pay $200 Million in taxes. Another man that makes $10,000 will only pay $2000 in taxes.

Come on people, let’s declare our Independence from Government abuse, political corruption, and our current unfair tax system…call your representative and tell them that you want a Fair tax and for the IRS to be abolished.

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2 Responses to “Fair tax vs flat tax”

  1. Mark DC Says:

    I was once as stupid as you. Apparently, you have no idea, at all, what Fairtax even taxes. Both Fairtax and Flat tax are word game frauds, but Fairtax is especially comical.

    Which you would know if you did any “research” The truth about Fairtax was exposed right away. You could see it yourself, if you read the fine print closely — and if you can’t do that well, you could have read the reports exposing it, those reports you could understand.

    Fairtax, briefly, claims to be a personal consumption tax— like you stupidly repeate — a “National Sales
    Tax”. Well part of it is, yes. Part of Fairtax is a national sales tax.

    That’s how they sold it, to suckers like you and me, only I didn’t stay a sucker. I read the fine print.

    Do you know that onyl about 40% of Fairtax revenue would have anything to do with a national sales tax? That’s why Fairtax itself never calls itself a national sales tax. They like suckers like you to repeat the impressionism.

    For example, all “consumption expenditures” (very tricky phrase) by all cities in USA, are “subject to the fairtax”. Wage expenditures, pension expenditures, all operational expenditures, are “subject to the fairttax.

    In other words, Dallas Texas city council, for one example, would over over 40 million dollars, just on wage expenditure taxes! Oh you didn’t know that?

    Surprise surprise. And Dallas city council would be taxed on all kinds of other things too – pensions, capital investments — operational expenditures. For example, if Dallas redid their water treatment plants, or their sewage operations, for say, 100 million, Dallas would have to pay 23 million dollars, in advance , to Uncle Sam.

    Oh you didn’t know that? YOu mean Neal Boortz didn’t tell you? surprise surprise. What do you know, guess they forgot.

    This is not in dispute — the amounts are — but the fact that Dallas, and every city, would owe 23% tax on wage pension and capital expenditures, is NOT in dispute. It’s not only in the fine print, their own spokesmen (David Kendall and James Bennett) staunchly defend these wage pension and operational expenditure taxes as “fair”. They both admit “Fairtax could have been more clear” about it (hilarious) but admit its very much part of Fairtax.

    President Bush Tax Advisory Panel studied the fine print in Fairtax and reported that without these “other taxes” (like the tax on wages and pension expenditures) Fairtax rate would be 89%. Not 23%

    You were bamboozled by lying bastards. If you have a brain in your head, you should check this out, and when you find these massive other taxes in the fine print, you should get pissed at the lying bastards who fooled your dumb ass. Most people, however, are not that honest. YOu will likely make excuses, or not realize the audacity of Fairtax fraud.

    Flat tax is not quite as deceptive, but it too is goofy, though at least rational. Fairtax is literally irrational.

  2. Mark DC Says:

    Oh and by the way, after you learn the hustle, if you arent too “Cult Monkey” that you defend the fraud, quit being so stupid in the future.

    We need a new tax code, but as long as well meaning, but gullible people, like you, repeat the lies from lying bastards like Fairtax hustlers, we can’t get a new tax code.

    Ironically, whoever is behind Fairtax fraud — I don’t know who is paying for all this (including paying Boortz, yes he was paid) but someone is paying for it. Someone paid Boortz, someone paid for the massive web sites, and for Beacon Hill to pump out the documents (read those closely — they tell the truth, very carefully). So who paid? I don’t know. But there can be no rational explanation for pushing this fraud, which they know is fraud, unless they are getting some advantage. I don’t know what that is.

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