Racial prejudice was involved in the Trayvon Martin death

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I’ve been watching the murder trial of George Zimmerman and I have to say that it is a travesty that this poor man was arrested and brought to trial.

Had the news media not manipulated the 911 call trying to make it seem like Zimmerman was after Martin because he was black, I suspect that none of this would have happened.

It is blatantly obvious to anyone watching this trial that George Zimmerman was a man concerned about the frequency of thefts in his neighborhood. He saw someone acting suspiciously and called the police. His only intent that night was to give the police accurate information so that they could come and determine whether Trayvon Martin was up to no good or not.

Trayvon, however, was a racist. Apparently he did not trust, or like or respect, white people, his comment that he is being followed by a “Creepy ass cracker” proves that. Trayvon also was guilty of the bravado that a lot of young men suffer from, thinking that he was “all that.” That night, Trayvon was a bully and it got him killed. Not murdered, killed.

Zimmerman not only broke no laws, but actually was acting in the best interest of his community. If we all avert our eyes anytime we see someone doing anything out of the ordinary. If we all only await for the police to protect us. If we all are so scared of lawsuits and being improperly arrested for looking out for our own good, then our society will fail and the predators, druggies, murders, rapists, and theifs will have won.

Trayvon should have seen a man on the phone and realized that he, Trayvon, was probably raising some red flags by his actions. At that point, Trayvon should have just gone home. However, he chose the course that a lot of thugs choose…the “you ain’t got nothing on me” attitude and the “I can intimidate you, attack you, do whatever I want and ain’t nothing bad gonna happen to me” attitude. I don’t want to say it got him what he deserved, what he deserved was a good ass whooping but he was beating Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. At any time, Zimmerman’s skull could have cracked open like an egg shell and his brains leaked out. Trayvon should never have attacked and certainly should not have beaten that poor man’s head into the concrete. Trayvon, at that point, was trying to commit murder. And he paid for that with his life.

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