Are we too politically correct with Ariel Castro?

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I am watching the trial of Ariel Castro and he has plead guilty to save his life. Now, he will spend the rest of his life in jail without the chance for parole.

Now, some people feel that death would be too easy on him. They think that the best revenge is that he rot away in jail and be tormented, beaten, raped, and possibly mutilated or even killed by the other prisoners.

Really? Is that who we are as a society? Now, we want someone to suffer? We want revenge and are willing to spend money that we do not have on it?

In my opinion, they should take him outside and hang him right away. Why spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to house, feed, and clothe this sick guy? Whether he is evil, or crazy, or sick, whatever…he is useless to society and we should not spend any resources on him other than a good rope or a bullet.

This is why our prisons are full. This is why our country is in debt…we spend money on useless things. If he lives 40 more years, and it costs over $100k per year to keep him in prison, that is $4 million that we have invested in him…for what purpose? Do you know where that money would be be better spent? No where…we should not spend it at all! A rope, a bullet, that is all that we should invest in him.

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