A question for President Obama or Jay Carney

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Below is a question that I would really like answered by President Obama. If you agree that he should answer this question please share this and maybe it will get to one of the reporters that gets to question the President’s Secretary Jay Carney:

Did President Obama thoroughly read the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) prior to signing it into law?

I understand that he had meetings and spoke with Democratic lawmakers as this bill was put together (no Republicans were used in the designing, writing, or passing of this bill/law) but once it was complete and it passed the House and Senate, did the President actually take the time to read it before he signed it?

If so, did he not understand the bill? Is this why it appears that he lied to the American people about being able to keep our existing insurance, our existing doctors, etc. ? If he did not understand the bill shouldn’t we repeal it and come up with something that the President and the lawmakers actually understand?

If the President did understand the bill, then why did he lie to the American people?

Some Republicans obviously read the bill prior to it becoming a law. I saw a video clip recently of John Boehner from back in 2009 or 2010 specifically stating that other lawmakers (that were saying that Americans could keep their existing insurance) had either not read the bill or not understood it because Mr Boehner had read it, and he pointed out that the bill would force insurance companies to drop existing policies for millions of Americans.

So, we now know that the economists, financial analysts , experts, and Republicans that actually read the Affordable Care Act were correct. This means that the Democrats were wrong. The only question to be answered is did the Democrats not understand the law that they were creating or did they just lie to the American people, repeatedly, for the last handful of years?

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