Should Kathy Griffin be hung by the neck until dead?

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So, like most Liberal Celebrities Kathy Griffin is anti-American, anti-Trump, anti-Constitution, pretty much she is a spoiled brat. So, in the mindset of every good lynch mob, she runs off hoping to impress her peers and takes some pictures so awful that even Satan worshipers cringed.

Now, she gives a heart felt apology. But she is not sorry that she did it, she is sorry that no one liked what she did. Now, CNN finally did something right and fired that fake redheads ugly ass. Never thought I’d say this, but Good Job CNN.

Now, what Kathy did was reprehensible on so many levels, but was it a hanging offense?

No, but there are a lot of us that would like to see her hang anyway. That was a joke, Kathy, get it? Ha!

Here is a picture of that gross, disgusting thing holding Trump’s head:

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