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You Are Kidding is a website dedicated to bringing to the forefront the ridiculous situation that we, as Americans, are in.

We are faced with so many examples, every day, of the political process failing a common sense test. At the same time, we as the people of the United States allow this to happen by even considering voting for certain people running for office, approving the taxes, and giving government more power.

Let’s face it the political powers that be are in the favor trading business. These people should not be allowed to force us to have a health care system that they are in control of. That’s trouble waiting to happen. Taxes are outrageous! Why would we ever consider tax increases, or more taxes. We need ALOT less government. With less government, less money would be spent, and we would have lower taxes. This is a no brainer.

There are numerous examples of so called “Good Fearing Folks” being complete hypocrites. They say one thing yet do another. We have a few of those situations documented here.

Common Sense:
Everyone knows how it should be, or what they should do. So, why then, are these so prevalent in today’s society.

All men are created equal. Bah, humbug. We’re all different…let’s celebrate that simple fact!

Men and women are equal. Yeah, right. We’re not saying that one is better than the other, but us being on the same playing field is totally delusional.

Let’s see, religion, politics, race, sex…did we miss anything? If so, we’ll get to it.

New for 2013 we are gonna explore the issue of health. Face it, we are all gonna die so between now and then our job is to try to delay it as long as possible while still having fun. We will give you the info you need to do both. We are not kidding this time.