Attorney Judy Clark to do her best to keep Dzhokhar from entering Paradise

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Attorney Judy Clark
It was announced today that one of the most successful attorneys for defending against the death penalty, Judy Clark, has taken the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to try to keep him alive.

Now, I don’t claim to be a scholar on crazy religions, especially radical Islam. However, I am reasonably certain that the reason that terrorists often kill themselves while trying to kill non-believers is that because if they die doing this (they consider it martyring themselves) then they not only are guaranteed admittance to Paradise, but they also get extra stuff in the afterlife. They get a direct line to Allah. They get running water, 72 virgins, etc.

Now, if Dzhokar is put to death, then a case may be made that he was martyred and because of that he becomes one of the privileged few in the after life. However, if he just tells the authorities everything that he knows, begs for his own life, and ends up with life in prison, then when he dies he gets nothing…according to the lunacy that Muslims such as him call a religion. I would assume that he would not be one of the privileged few. He may not even be admitted into paradise.

A list of Muslims

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Just wondering…does anyone have a list of Muslims that have publicly CONDEMNED the bombings in Boston?

I was going to create such a list but could not find any.

Are terrorists normal people who somehow are changed to be irrational and angry

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As you watch the story of the Boston Bombers unfold, with the media trying to paint a picture of how “normal” these guys used to be, it begs the question “At some point, do they just change and become irrational and angry?” Is that how the extreme jihadists do it, by somehow brainwashing otherwise normal people into becoming something that they are not?

Well, let’s take a look at Zubeidat Tsarnaev as she “wails” to the media. Zubeidat is the mother of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and one can assume she had a large impact on their values and beliefs because she raised them. In this video she says that she went to America thinking that America would protect “us”, but America took her kids away.

At some point she exclaims “Why did I even go there?” One possible, and somewhat sarcastic, answer to her question would be “Um, to put forth a terrorist agenda by blowing up innocent Americans.” Remember, Zubeidat was on a terrorist watch list too.

Is she irrational? Well, considering the fact that the proof that her children were the monsters that set off those bombs is overwhelming. Couple that with the fact that her children ran from the authorities, while throwing home-made bombs out the window of the SUV that they stole, while also shooting at the police with the gun that they took from the body of the police officer that they murdered…yes, one can safely assume that Zubeidat is either irrational or just plain lying. Per chance, she is happy that her boys fulfilled their psychotic extremist fantasy by killing “non-believers” and now, Zubeidat is happy “knowing” that her oldest son is right now enjoying alcohol that never leaves a hangover, rivers of milk and honey, and 72 untouched women that are there strictly to sexually please him. I think that the term “Jihad Mom” accurately describes her and yes, by most peoples’ definition she is irrational.

Did you also notice that her cries appear to be faked. She does not seem to be in pain over the death of her oldest son and the incarceration of her youngest. To me, she looks like someone that is lying and trying to manipulate opinion in her favor. At the end of the video, she says “They are already trying to make me look as a terrorist.” Um, no, you are doing a good job of that all by yourself.

This is the woman who raised Dzhokhar and Tamerlan and some suspect that she was also instrumental, at the very least, in their becoming the terrorists that they grew up to be.

So, understanding that this woman raised those two terrorists, were they really normal people who were brainwashed or were they messed up in the head all along and just putting on the act of “normalcy?” You decide.

As we get to see more of this family and delve more into the lives of these Muslim extremists that want to kill us we must remember that these people are our enemies. They want to kill us all. They do not acknowledge our right to exist AND will do everything in their power to ensure that we do not exist.

We, as Americans, must remember who these people really are and what their agenda is. The character that Jeff Dunham created that jokingly exclaims “I KEEL YOU.” is, unfortunately, the way that they really are, but without the comical attitude. As much as the politically correct folks want to believe that we can extend a hand of friendship to our enemies and somehow they will finally accept it, the reality of the situation is much different. We can never truly understand their motives but we can understand what they will do every time they get the chance, they want to destroy us.

Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Evil?

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People that knew him, prior to him knowingly setting down a book-sack with a bomb in it that killed and maimed many innocent Americans, describe him as “a nice guy.” The media are playing up stories from his friends of how helpful he was. How courteous he was. How he was just like any other kid his age.

But he was not. Any other kid his age does not knowingly commit an act of terror against people that had never caused them harm.

No matter what Dzhokhar’s reasons, no matter what his intent was, his actions were the actions of an evil person. For that, we should not sympathize with him, we should not even empathize with him, we should ensure that he can not hurt any one else for the rest of his days on this planet. Whether he is our enemy, or the tool of our enemy, we can not let them weaken our resolve to rid the world of these monsters.

History is filled with charismatic men that people just loved at the time, men that turned out to be evil by any and every definition of the word.

Look at Charles Manson. A good looking, charismatic guy, with devoted followers that loved him more than life itself. He was a total nut job and had no qualms about torturing and killing innocent people. Had you met him before he killed those folks, and had he had an interest in making you like him, you may have walked away from that meeting thinking “what a great guy” or something such.

Adolf Hitler was a passionate speaker, that believed what he was saying was God’s honest truth, and people were drawn to him. How many millions of Jews did he kill?

Osama Bin Laden was known as hard working in his younger days. He enjoyed writing poetry, reading, and playing association football. Was he evil? Was he a monster?

We must judge people by their actions. Everyone has within them both good and bad. Sometimes choosing to let the bad control your actions must dictate how you are thought of by your peers on this planet. Dzhokar’s actions on the day of the Boston Marathon were pure evil. No number of other days of helping someone bring in their groceries, or look for their lost cell phone can make up for that.

Politically correct vs Allahu Akbar

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These are interesting times that we live in.

Outside of our country, we have two countries, North Korea and Iran, that have both said that they want to kill Americans. North Korea has openly threatened to attack the continental United States with nuclear weapons. Iran’s President believes in the 13th Imam and wants to be the catalyst for the end of times. On top of that we have radical Islamists who deeply believe that their God wants them to kill ALL non-believers. These fanatics consider it the ultimate sacrifice to die while taking out a bunch of innocent people that do not follow their extreme religious beliefs.

Inside of our country, we have a President that calls what happened at Fort Hood “workplace violence” even though the Muslim terrorist that murdered our soldiers yelled out Allahu Akbar!

Then, our President refused to acknowledge, or let anyone in his administration acdknowledge, that when our Embassy in Benghazi was attacked on 9/11/12 by militants with military grade weapons that it was an act of terrorism.

Now, as two Muslim men set off bombs at our Boston Marathon our administration again claims that this was not a coordinated terrorist attack but just the act of two lone individuals. This was said even though it is known that the older brother went to Russia for 6 months, was put on a terrorist watch list because Russian authorities warned our FBI about him, and experts on bombs are fairly certain that a lot of “hands on” training would have been required for Tamerlan Tsarnaev to build and set off the bombs as he did.

Now we have the Jihad bitch of a mother of these two pawns on television saying that she does not care if she is killed, nor if her surviving son, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is killed as she screams to the world Allahu Akbar.

I have a message for President Obama and for all of our elected representatives. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has a bill…it is a freaking DUCK! Enough already with the political correctness. I understand that Mr Obama was raised a Muslim and his fond childhood memories make it difficult to acknowledge that the extreme elements of that religion are the cause of a large percentage of the terrorist acts that are conducted every day around the world.

It is also inexcusable that the Tsarnaev’s were getting Welfare money from us and used that money, and the time that they saved from having to work, to plan the attrocity that they committed. It is time for us to take a sharp look at Welfare and stop the madness.

The Tsarnaev’s were also allowed to immigrate to our great country. The youngest brother, Dzhokhar, was allowed to become a citizen of the United States on Sept 11, 2012 even though his older brother was on a terrorist watch list. How can this happen?

Our politicians are so busy fighting amongst themselves they do not realize that our true enemy is outflanking us across the world, penetrating our country, living off of our tax money, and implementing a plan for our demise.

People, we need to vote in representatives that want to stop the madness when it comes to government handouts and subsidies. We need to radically change our policies on immigration. We need to stop being so damned politically correct when it comes to Muslims.

I know, not all Muslims are bad. However, because over 70% of the terrorist activities that occur each year are performed by Muslims, it is high time that we did a little “profiling.” Think of the time we could save at airports. If we put a 2 year moratorium on any new Muslims being allowed into this country, be it for travel, student visas, or immigration, think of how far back we could set the terrorist agenda. Then, when we do finally start letting them in, research each and every one before giving them the approval to visit our great country.

Sometimes extending your hand is the wrong act. Sometimes a fist needs to be met with a fist. The time for political correctness is over. Turning a blind eye and ignoring the reality of the world that we live in will not make the bad men go away. The barbarians are at the gate, and some are slipping through the cracks in the fence. If we continue to act as if they are not there to commit violence then our people will continue to get their throats slit when they least expect it.

The time to act is now, fellow citizens, and we can do that by voting in representatives in both 2014 and 2016 that are willing to do more than just stare at the approaching headlights.

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