What if George W. Bush…

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What If George W. Bush had made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly narcissistic and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the non-existent “Austrian language,” would you have brushed it off as a minor slip?

If George W. Bush had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers with people who cannot seem to keep current on their income taxes, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to “Cinco de Cuatro” in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the Fifth of May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had misspelled the word advice would you have hammered him for it for years like Dan Quayle and potato as “proof” of what a dunce he is?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single tree on “Earth Day”, would you have concluded he’s a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush’s administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually “get” what happened on 9-11?

If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how he is inept he is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans, would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue with claims of racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had then proposed to double the debt again within 10 years, would you have approved?

So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive? Can’t think of anything? Don’t worry. He’s done all this in 10 weeks — so you’ll have three years and nine-and-a-half months to come up with an answer.

New American Tea Party

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 The piece below was written by Ron Gomez from Lafayette, LA. If you
don’t know Ron, he’s had a long and distinguished career in Lafayette,
LA, where he’s been a journalist, a radio and TV announcer, a 3 term
Louisiana state representative, a huge supporter of USL-ULL, an owner
of an advertising and public relations firm, and a published author.


There’s a storm abrewin’. What happens when good,
responsible people keep quiet? Washington has forgotten they work
for us. We don’t work for them. Throwing good money after bad is
NOT the answer. I am sick of the midnight, closed door sessions to
come up with a plan. I am sick of Congress raking CEO’s over the
coals while they, themselves, have defaulted on their taxes. I am
sick of the bailed out companies having lavish vacations and
retreats on my dollar. I am sick of being told it is MY
responsibility to rescue people that, knowingly, bought more house
than they could afford. I am sick of being made to feel it is my
patriotic duty to pay MORE taxes. I, like all of you, am a
responsible citizen. I pay my taxes. I live on a budget and I
don’t ask someone else to carry the burden for poor decisions I may
make. I have emailed my congressmen and senators asking them to NOT
vote for the stimulus package as it was written without reading it
first. No one listened. They voted for it, pork and all.

O.K. folks, here it is. You may think you are just one voice and
what you think won’t make a difference. Well, yes it will and YES,
WE CAN!! If you are disgusted and angry with the way Washington is
handling our taxes. If you are fearful of the fallout from the
reckless spending of BILLIONS to bailout and “stimulate” without
accountability and responsibility then we need to become ONE, LOUD
AMERICA. There is a growing protest to demand that Congress, the
President and his cabinet LISTEN to us, the American Citizens. What
is being done in Washington is NOT the way to handle the economic
free fall..

So, here’s the plan. On April 1, 2009, all Americans are asked to
send a TEABAG to Washington , D.C. You do not have to enclose a
note or any other information unless you so desire. Just a
TEABAG. Many cities are organizing protests. If you simply
search, “New American Tea Party”, several sites will come up. If
you aren’t the ‘protester’ type, simply make your one voice heard
with a TEABAG. Your one voice will become a roar when joined with
millions of others that feel the same way.. Yes, something needs to
be done but the lack of confidence as shown by the steady decline in
the stock market speaks volumes.

This was not my idea. I visited the sites of the ‘New American Tea
Party’ and an online survey showed over 90% of thousands said they
would send the teabag on April 1. Why, April 1?? We want them to
reach Washington by April 15. Will you do it? I will. Send it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington , D.C.. 20500

Forward this to everyone in your address book. I
would encourage everyone to go ahead and get the envelope ready to
mail, then just drop it in the mail April 1. Can’t guarantee what
the postage will be by then, it is going up as we speak, but have
your envelope ready. What will this cost you? A little time and a
42 or 44 cent stamp.

What could you receive in benefits? Maybe, just maybe, our elected
officials will start to listen to the people. Take out the Pork.
Tell us how the money is being spent. We want TRANSPARENCY AND
ACCOUNTABILITY. Remember, the money will be spent over the next 4-5
years. It is not too late.

What can we Lose???????

Ron Gomez, Lafayette, LA

Letter From the Boss

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*To All My Valued Employees*,

There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of
this company, and more specifically, your job. As you know, the economy
has changed for the worse and presents many challenges. However, the
good news is this: The economy doesn't pose a threat to your job. What
does threaten your job however, is the changing political landscape in
this country.

However, let me tell you some little tidbits of fact which might help
you decide what is in your best interests.

First, while it is easy to spew rhetoric that casts employers against
employees, you have to understand that for every business owner there is
a Back Story.  This back story is often neglected and overshadowed by
what you see and hear. Sure, you see me park my Mercedes outside.
You've seen my big home at last years Christmas party.  I'm sure all
these flashy icons of luxury conjure up some idealized thoughts about my

However, what you don't see is the BACK STORY :

I started this company 28 years ago.  At that time, I lived in a 300
square foot studio apartment for 3 years.  My entire living apartment
was converted into an office so I could put forth 100% effort into
building a company, which by the way, would eventually employ you.

My diet consisted of Ramen Pride noodles because every dollar I spent
went back into this company.  I drove a rusty Toyota Corolla with a
defective transmission.  I didn't have time to date.  Often times, I
stayed home on weekends, while my friends went out drinking and
partying.  In fact, I was married to my business -- hard work,
discipline, and sacrifice.

Meanwhile, my friends got jobs.  They worked 40 hours a week and made a
modest $50K a year and spent every dime they earned.  They drove flashy
cars and lived in expensive homes and wore fancy designer clothes.
Instead of hitting the Nordstrom's for the latest hot fashion item, I
was trolling through the discount store extracting any clothing item
that didn't look like it was birthed in the 70's.  My friends refinanced
their mortgages and lived a life of luxury.  I, however, did not.  I put
my time, my money, and my life into a business with a vision that
eventually, someday, I too, will be able to afford these luxuries my
friends supposedly had.

So, while you physically arrive at the office at 9am, mentally=2 0check
in at about noon, and then leave at 5pm, I don't. There is no "off"
button for me.  When you leave the office, you are done and you have a
weekend all to yourself.  I unfortunately do not have the freedom..  I
eat, and breathe this company every minute of the day.  There is no
rest. There is no weekend.  There is no happy hour.  Every day this
business is attached to my hip like a 1 year old special-needs child.
You, of course, only see the fruits of that garden -- the nice house,
the Mercedes, the vacations... you never realize the Back Story and the
sacrifices I've made.

Now, the economy is falling apart and I, the guy that made all the right
decisions and saved his money, have to bailout all the people who
didn't.  The people that overspent their paychecks suddenly feel
entitled to the same luxuries that I earned and sacrificed a decade of
my life for.

Yes, business ownership has its benefits but the price I've paid is
steep and not without wounds.

Unfortunately, the cost of running20this business, and employing you, is
starting to eclipse the threshold of marginal benefit and let me tell
you why:

I am being taxed to death and the government thinks I don't pay enough.
I have state taxes. Federal taxes.  Property taxes.  Sales and use
taxes..  Payroll taxes.  Workers compensation taxes.  Unemployment
taxes.  Taxes on taxes.  I have to hire a tax man to manage all these
taxes and then guess what?  I have to pay taxes for employing him.
Government mandates and regulations and all the accounting that goes
with it, now occupy most of my time.  On Oct 15th, I wrote a check to
the US Treasury for $288,000 for quarterly taxes.  You know what my
"stimulus" check was? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

The question I have is this: Who is stimulating the economy?  Me, the
guy who has provided 14 people good paying jobs and serves over
2,200,000 people per year with a flourishing business?  Or, the single
mother sitting at home pregnant with her fourth child waiting for her
next welfare check?  Obviously, government feels the latter is the
economic stimulus of this country.

The fact is, if I deducted (Read: Stole) 50% of your paycheck you'd quit
and you wouldn't work here..  I mean, why should you?  That's nuts.  Who
wants to get rewarded only 50% of their hard work?  Well, I agree which
is why your job is in jeopardy.

Here is what many of you don't understand ... to stimulate the economy
you need to stimulate what runs the economy. Had suddenly government
mandated to me that I didn't need to pay taxes, guess what?  Instead of
depositing that $288,000 into the Washington black-hole, I would have
spent it, hired more employees, and generated substantial economic
growth.  My employees would have enjoyed the wealth of that tax cut in
the form of promotions and better salaries.  But you can forget it now.

When you have a comatose man on the verge of death, you don't
defibrillate and shock his thumb thinking that will bring him back to
life, do you?  Or, do you defibrillate his heart?  Business is at the
heart of America and always has been.  To restart it, you must stimulate
it, not kill it.  Suddenly, the power brokers in Washington believe the
poor of America are the essential drivers of the American economic
engine.  Nothing could be further from the truth and this is the type of
change you can keep.

So where am I going with all this?

It's quite simple.

If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, my reaction will be
swift and simple.. I'll fire you and your coworkers.  You can then plead
with the government to pay for your mortgage, your SUV, and your child's
future. Frankly, it isn't my problem any more.

Then, I will close this company down, move to another country, and
retire.  You see, I'm done.  I'm done with a country that penalizes the
productive and gives to the unproductive.  My motivation to work and to
provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, will be my citizenship.

So, if you lose your job, it won't be at the hands of the economy; it
will be at the hands of a political hurricane that swept through this
country, steamrolled the constitution, and will have changed its
landscape forever.  If that happens, you can find me sitting on a beach,
retired, and with no employees to worry about....

*Signed, THE BOSS*

John Hinckley to be released…

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John Hinckley to be released…

You might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in the early 1980s. Hinckley was absolutely obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster, extremely jealous, and in his twisted mind, loved Jodie Foster to the point that to make himself well known to her, he attempted to assassinate President Reagan. There is speculation Hinckley may soon be released as having been rehabilitated. Consequently, you may appreciate the following letter from John McCain that the staff at the mental facility, treating Hinckley , reports to have intercepted this past weekend:

To: John Hinckley

From: John McCain

My wife and I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our fine country’s new spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know there is a bilateral consensus of compassion and forgiveness throughout.

My wife Cindy and I want you to know that no grudge is borne against you for shooting President Reagan. We, above all, are aware of how the mental stress and pain could have driven you to such an act of desperation. We are confident that you will soon make a complete recovery and return to your family to join the world again as a healthy and productive young man.

Best Wishes,

John and Cindy McCain
PS: Barack Obama has been having sex with Jodie Foster. Thought you should know.

Spread the Wealth

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Spread the Wealth

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