Democrat’s Changing Their Tune

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I live in Louisiana and recently sent a letter to Senator Mary Landrieu asking her to reconsider her position on Obamacare. Below is her first reply:
Mary Landrieu

I understand your frustration with reports that Members of Congress and their staff are receiving an “exemption or “special subsidy” through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I hope I can shed some light on the Office of Personnel and Management’s (OPM) recent proposed rule regarding health insurance coverage for Members of Congress and their staff.

As you may know, the Affordable Care Act establishes new health insurance marketplaces called exchanges in every state where individuals without employer coverage and small businesses can shop for comprehensive, affordable health insurance beginning October 1, 2013. Members of Congress and their staff, who are employed by the federal government, are explicitly required to participate in the marketplace and will have the same choices offered to individuals and small businesses. This was a provision of the ACA that I voted for. As a result, on January 1, 2014, my staff and I will be covered by health insurance we obtain through the ACA’s marketplace.

The proposed rule you mentioned in your correspondence only clarified that the federal government, as an employer, can continue to make an employer contribution toward the cost of premiums. This means Members of Congress and their staff will continue to be responsible for paying their premiums in excess of the government’s share. For decades, many other public and private employers, including the State of Louisiana, have offered employee contributions as a benefit to attract and retain quality employees. In fact, the State of Louisiana’s employer contribution is approximately 75 percent for an individual and 65 percent for a family, which is in line with the federal government’s contribution, which is between 72 and 75 percent. In addition, in the private sector, for companies that employ more than 200 people, the national average for employer contributions is 83 percent for an individual and 78 percent for a family. This recent ruling by the Office of Personnel Management clarified that the federal government can participate in the marketplaces just like other employers that choose to obtain group coverage.

I hope I have cleared up that what Senator Vitter and others have mischaracterized as a “subsidy” or “exemption” is actually a continuation of the standard employer contribution benefit paid to U.S. government employees. The ACA will provide all Americans access to greater choice of higher quality health insurance, which will be there when you need it and include consumer protections such as no denials for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime or annual caps on coverage, and preventive care without out-of-pocket costs. That is why I voted for it and will continue to work to improve our health care system.

With kindest regards, I am



Mary Landrieu
United States Senator
I then contacted Senator David Vitter and sent a copy of Senator Landrieu’s reply to my request. Below is what Senator Vitter replied to me:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the Washington exemption from Obamacare and Senator Landrieu’s response letter to you stating unequivocally that no such special treatment for Congress exists.

Senator Landrieu is trying to mislead you, to put it kindly. Others might say she is lying. As you have no doubt read, President Obama recently issued a special rule for Congress only. Under it, members of Congress and congressional staff will get a special subsidy to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange unavailable to every other American at similar income levels. That special subsidy is worth approximately $11,000 per family.

This is completely contrary to the letter and intent of the statutory language of Obamacare, which makes no provision for any special congressional subsidy. No where in the law or in the administration’s implementing regulations, does it allow private employers to contribute to their workers’ insurance on Obamacare’s individual exchange. In fact, the Treasury Department released guidance this week warning employers all of the ways they could not help their employees purchase insurance of the Obamacare exchange.

To block this illegal rule, I’m fighting for my “No Washington Exemption From Obamacare” bill. I feel strongly that the sooner Washington lives by the same provisions that it imposes on all other Americans – including millions who are being forced to go to the Exchange against their will – the sooner Washington will start fixing what is so obviously broken. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Now, for my question to you dear reader…which Senator is telling the whole truth and which is not?

Also, since this correspondence between me and the Senators, Senator Landrieu seems to have had a change of heart regarding Obamacare and has now introduced a bill on the Senate floor to allow Americans to keep their current insurance even if it does not meet the new standards. I assume that Ms. Landrieu either did not read the Affordable Care Act when she voted for it (and hence when she was telling everyone that Americans could keep their existing insurance policies she was just ignorant of what is in the bill), or she did not understand the bill and just voted for it to be a good Democrat, or she did know that people would lose their existing insurance and lied anyway thinking that she could just get away with it. In any of these cases, shame on her.

Raisin Farmers vs the Socialist Government of the United States

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As of right now, the United States Government has the right, by a law passed in 1937, to confiscate up to 47% of a raisin farmer’s crops and then the USDA can sell it and ALL profits go to the government with absolutely nothing going to the farmer.

Isn’t this type of treatment by an imperialist government why the 13 Colonies revolted against British rule in the 1700’s? Well, we have come full circle now and our government is just as imperialistic.

Don’t believe me…do a little research.

Sybrina Fulton is milking Trayvon’s death for all it is worth

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Sybrina Fulton

Let me be the first to say it, Trayvon Martin’s mom needs to shut up.

I mean, really, she thinks that George Zimmerman is at fault for her son’s death.

Here is another theory…she was a bad mother that did not teach her son right from wrong. He did not respect authority and I suspect he had an entitlement attitude. They are both probably racist too.

So you get this young punk that thinks he is “all that” because he is black. He has been picked up by the police before and they even admitted that they did not actually arrest him because he was black. The police did not want to seem racist so they let him go. Hell, just them saying that shows that they are racist…if Trayvon was white he would have been arrested. So, in this instance, letting a black teen go instead of showing him that there are consequences to his actions may have actually led to him getting himself killed. Trayvon smokes pot, he is a thug-wannabe as is shown by his cell phone pictures that he took of himself with guns, and he more than likely broke into a house and stole some jewelry that he was later caught with at school. I suspect that Trayvon was probably looking for houses to break in to the night that he died.

So, you have this little pot smoking punk who ATTACKS a man, unprovoked. Fuck what all these racist assholes are saying that George Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his truck. George Zimmerman should not have followed Trayvon. Yes he should have. Trayvon was a punk that was up to no good. Everyone, deep down, knows this…otherwise he would never have seemed suspicious to George Zimmerman. If Trayvon truly went to buy tea and skittles in the rain and was not looking for houses to break in to, he would have been at the very least walking briskly, in the rain, to get home. Had Zimmerman seen a guy walking fast in the rain, with the obvious purpose of getting home and out of the rain, Zimmerman would have never given it a second thought.

Anyone with a brain knows that Trayvon was up to no good, and his body language portrayed that, and Zimmerman called the police because of this.

Hell, just the FACT that Trayvon ran off and Zimmerman thought that he was gone, then Trayvon ATTACKED Zimmerman without any provocation PROVES that Trayvon was bad. Zimmerman did what any person in that situation would have done, he protected himself!

Now, you have Trayvon’s mom, who has trademarked her son’s name (I mean, really, who does that?!?), on national television talking against the Stand Your Ground law. Hell, the defense did not need, nor did they try to use, that law because it was so blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain that Zimmerman was acting in self defense when he killed that young asshole!

I think that it is repugnant that this supposedly grieving mother is trying to stay in the public eye and trying to keep this stuff alive. So, she is a poor parent who didn’t teach her son that it is wrong to attack an innocent man and we are supposed to pay attention to her political views. She doesn’t like the Stand Your Ground law? Fuck her.

There I’ve said it. You know you think the same thing deep down. We need to stop being so politically correct.

Are your brave enough, and honest enough, to “Like” this?

Justice for Trayvon rallies

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Today, the race-mongers are inciting protests and riots. I was looking at some of the news sites and saw this post on CNN:

“I have a friend who lives in Denver and I live in Seattle. My friend, Roger, is of Caucasian descent, I am of African-American. When the trial was aired, I didn’t realize his view was strong for Zimmerman until there was a tense moment between us both on Facebook. I actually had to stop our conversation because it was getting weird. We saw each other a few weeks ago at a tournament and didn’t discuss it or bring it up. When the verdict came out, “Not Guilty,” he posted. “They Got It Right.” I was pissed off and still am. I just can’t see how a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles is dead by gun by a watchman who was told not to follow him.”

This nice girl and her friend Roger seem to be decent people. However, they are caught up in the emotion of a non-issue. Now, I am not saying that the death of a young man is a non-issue at all…it is tragic and any sane person will certainly wish that it had not happened, myself included.

That said, the girl from above said “I just can’t see how a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles is dead by gun by a watchman who was told not to follow him.”

It is obvious from her comments that she did not watch the trial and hence she really has no idea what really happened. She has let herself be manipulated by the media and by the race-mongers.

Were she to have watched the trial with an unbiased mind she would have realized a few FACTS:

A) Trayvon was not a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles

Trayvon was a young man who, unprovoked, attacked another man and tried to kill him by punching him in the face, knocking him into the ground, then pounding his head into concrete with the intention of cracking his skull like an eggshell.

All of the evidence points to this and it is corroborated by eye witness testimony.
– Expert analysis of Trayvon’s pants knees showed that he was on top of George Zimmerman.
– Eyewitness accounts confirmed that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the concrete.
– Expert analysis of Zimmerman’s clothes showed that he was on his back.
– Expert analysis of Zimmerman’s face and head showed that he was struck in the face by Trayvon and had his head pounded into the concrete.
– Eyewitness accounts confirmed this too.

B) (Zimmerman was) a watchman who was told not to follow him (Martin)

First, Zimmerman had every right to be on that sidewalk…as much as Trayvon did. Second, the non-emergency operator that suggested that Zimmerman not follow the suspicious character had no legal authority at that time, he was just making a suggestion.

ALL evidence and eyewitness accounts verify Zimmerman’s statements to the police (who also believe that Zimmerman was telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) that he was mercilessly attacked by Martin and forced to either use his gun to defend himself or be beaten until he was unconscious and possibly dead.

Now, think about this…really think about it. This nice mislead girl from above who is having problems with her friendship with Roger because of this…had you posed this situation to her prior to the shooting and media attention, but changed the “players” up a bit, would she feel the same way.

Had someone posted an article that two white men had a confrontation and one ended up dead. Then described that a 17 year old white man was acting suspiciously in a neighborhood in the rain. A neighborhood watch captain, on his way to Walmart, noticed the individual and called the non-emergency number for the police and asked them to come out and investigate this individual. The police asked him where, exactly, the person was and he said that he was unsure but he would try to get an address. He saw the person run off and assumed that he was gone. The “watchman” got out of his vehicle and walked to find the address of the building closest to the last place that the suspicious man was. While conversing with the operator on the phone, the operator asked if he was following the suspicious individual and he said yes. Then the operator said “you really shouldn’t do that” and he said “Ok” and then headed back to his car.

Then, thinking that the suspicious individual was long gone the “watchman” told the phone operator that he was gonna hang up and just to have the police officer that was on his way to call him on his cell when he arrived.

So, the watchman thinks it is over, and is heading back to his car. 4 minutes have passed.

Now, out of the dark that suspicious character just appears and says “You got a problem?” The startled watchman says “No, I don’t have a problem. What are you talking about?” And then, in the dark, the suspicious character hits him (cold cocks is the appropriate term) in the face and breaks his nose while saying “You do now.”. Then that suspicious character knocks the startled watchman with the now broken nose to the ground and begins to pound him in the face and pound his head into the concrete.

Now, stunned with a broken nose, contusions all over his face and head, and with a mad-man on top of him beating him almost senseless the watchman screams for help. He screams for his life! He sees a man come outside and screams for him to help. The man says “I’m calling 911.” To which the watchman replies, “No come help me, get him off of me.” The man (now a witness) decides to not get physically involved and calls 911.

On his back, the watchman perceives that the suspicious character has seen the watchman’s gun. The guys eyes focus on the gun and he tells the watchman that he has just beaten good “You are gonna die tonight.” They are both still struggling and now the watchman is scared to death. The guy is going for his gun. The watchman wriggles and struggles and pulls his gun out and pulls the trigger.

The bad guy who has been on top of him says something to the effect of “You got me.” and he leans up. The watchman pushes him while wriggling out from under him. He is dazed and confused. What just happened? He thought he missed the guy. The guy is now laying on his stomach.

The watchmen suspects that the guy had something in his hands when he hit him. No one can hit that hard…the watchman has never really been hit before or been in a fight. He gets on top of the guy and moves his arms out and feels his palms for the weapon that the guy was hitting him with. Nothing there. “Wow, what just happened, I’m bleeding he thinks.”

He gets up. It’s raining. People are coming out. A man with a flashlight approaches. It’s a cop. He tells the cop that he just shot that guy who attacked him. The cop handcuffs him and removes his gun. The watchman asks the man who called 911 to call his wife. The man calls his wife and tells her that her husband was involved in a shooting. He hears and says “Tell her that I shot someone.” He didn’t want his wife to think that he was hurt or dead.

Now, were these two individuals just to white guys how would the black girl having the issue with her friend Roger have thought about it?

Later if she found out that the 17 year old white MAN did drugs, posted pictures of himself with guns, was suspended from school at the time, had been caught with jewelry and a screw driver in his backpack at school, etc. What would our concerned black girl have thought about this young white man.

She knows that that young white man attacked the watchman. All evidence and witness testimony support that. The police detectives who are trained to evaluate such situations and catch criminals all believe the watchman. She sees the video taken of the watchman and realizes that he never wanted to kill someone. He was not a bad man. He was just a concerned citizen trying to help the police curtail the rash of burglaries that were plaguing his neighborhood.

I truly agree that had the above been the situation, the girl would not have giving this case a second thought and would have agreed that even though it was tragic, the 17 year old man should have just gone home. He should not have attacked the watchman and the watchman did what anyone would do in that same situation…he defended his own life.

Congressional Black Caucus says Zimmerman violated Martin’s Civil Rights

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The Congressional Black Caucus has determined that George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s Civil rights. They also say that they stand with the NAACP and intend to push the Department of Justice to bring Federal Hate Crimes charges against George Zimmerman.

Look at what these simpletons are riled up about. A nice man, George Zimmerman, was trying to watch out for his neighborhood. From all accounts of people that know Zimmerman he does not have a racist bone in his body. Not only is he not racist, he actually cares about black people. Look at some FACTS about Zimmerman:

– He grew up with black children living in his parents home at various parts of his childhood.

– He has numerous black friends.

= He was tutoring black children, recently, and even continued tutoring them even though the program that was sponsoring this was shut down.

– He took a black girl to one of his high school dances.

– He voted for Barack Obama.

When asked by the operator, on the non-emergency line that he called to report a suspicious individual in his neighborhood, what race the individual was…”White, Hispanic, or Black?” Zimmerman replied “I think he is black.” That night it was dark out and Trayvon Martin had a hoodie on which made it difficult for Zimmerman to know what race Martin was when he originally called the police.

This nice, caring man is who the NAACP, the black Congressional Caucus, and our Justice Department are wanting to crucify? Seriously?

Now, with no evidence what-so-ever that Zimmerman violated anyone’s civil rights, ever, our Department of Justice has launched an aggressive campaign soliciting tips from the general public that would help build a case against George Zimmerman.

This is our Justice Department, once again, abusing its power and violating the rights of one of our citizens…George Zimmerman.

We need to stand up to these racist bullies! All people, blacks and non-blacks, should contact their elected officials and tell them to put pressure on both President Obama, and the Justice Department, to leave George Zimmerman alone.

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