Video of birds of prey fishing…this is awesome

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Watch how good these birds are at catching fish. One of them even goes under water and then flies up, out of the water, and into the sky carrying its catch. Truly amazing to watch these birds in action.

Blow this up to “full screen” mode to get the full effect.

Jumping cat misses

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This is funny, you will watch it multiple times:


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Always Wear Underwear

Obama and Jodi Arias

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I find it humorous that President Obama is claiming to be outraged over the IRS scandal. He says that he wants to get to the bottom of this.

IMHO Obama is as guilty as Jodi Arias and just as truthful.

jodi arias - irs

Obama wants to get to the bottom of this but his White House, and he personally, are caught in different deceptions and lies every day. How can this administration, in good conscience, keep a federal employee on the payroll that refuses to testify under oath (taking advantage of her 5th Amendment rights). Lois Lerner should be terminated immediately…they should fire her too. Just kidding. She should be terminated from her position in the Federal Government immediately.

This President is amazing in a horrible way for the American people. What will they do next, use drones to kill American citizens?

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…yeah right.

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See no evil

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