Raisin Farmers vs the Socialist Government of the United States

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As of right now, the United States Government has the right, by a law passed in 1937, to confiscate up to 47% of a raisin farmer’s crops and then the USDA can sell it and ALL profits go to the government with absolutely nothing going to the farmer.

Isn’t this type of treatment by an imperialist government why the 13 Colonies revolted against British rule in the 1700’s? Well, we have come full circle now and our government is just as imperialistic.

Don’t believe me…do a little research.

Just Relax and say Fuck It

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Just relax and say f'it

Are we too politically correct with Ariel Castro?

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I am watching the trial of Ariel Castro and he has plead guilty to save his life. Now, he will spend the rest of his life in jail without the chance for parole.

Now, some people feel that death would be too easy on him. They think that the best revenge is that he rot away in jail and be tormented, beaten, raped, and possibly mutilated or even killed by the other prisoners.

Really? Is that who we are as a society? Now, we want someone to suffer? We want revenge and are willing to spend money that we do not have on it?

In my opinion, they should take him outside and hang him right away. Why spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to house, feed, and clothe this sick guy? Whether he is evil, or crazy, or sick, whatever…he is useless to society and we should not spend any resources on him other than a good rope or a bullet.

This is why our prisons are full. This is why our country is in debt…we spend money on useless things. If he lives 40 more years, and it costs over $100k per year to keep him in prison, that is $4 million that we have invested in him…for what purpose? Do you know where that money would be be better spent? No where…we should not spend it at all! A rope, a bullet, that is all that we should invest in him.

The truth about Trayvon Martin, Skittles, and Iced Tea

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Was Trayvon Martin hopped up on drugs that are made with Skittles, Robitussin, and the watermelon tea that he had the night that he died?

Watch this video and decide for yourself:

Sybrina Fulton is milking Trayvon’s death for all it is worth

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Sybrina Fulton

Let me be the first to say it, Trayvon Martin’s mom needs to shut up.

I mean, really, she thinks that George Zimmerman is at fault for her son’s death.

Here is another theory…she was a bad mother that did not teach her son right from wrong. He did not respect authority and I suspect he had an entitlement attitude. They are both probably racist too.

So you get this young punk that thinks he is “all that” because he is black. He has been picked up by the police before and they even admitted that they did not actually arrest him because he was black. The police did not want to seem racist so they let him go. Hell, just them saying that shows that they are racist…if Trayvon was white he would have been arrested. So, in this instance, letting a black teen go instead of showing him that there are consequences to his actions may have actually led to him getting himself killed. Trayvon smokes pot, he is a thug-wannabe as is shown by his cell phone pictures that he took of himself with guns, and he more than likely broke into a house and stole some jewelry that he was later caught with at school. I suspect that Trayvon was probably looking for houses to break in to the night that he died.

So, you have this little pot smoking punk who ATTACKS a man, unprovoked. Fuck what all these racist assholes are saying that George Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his truck. George Zimmerman should not have followed Trayvon. Yes he should have. Trayvon was a punk that was up to no good. Everyone, deep down, knows this…otherwise he would never have seemed suspicious to George Zimmerman. If Trayvon truly went to buy tea and skittles in the rain and was not looking for houses to break in to, he would have been at the very least walking briskly, in the rain, to get home. Had Zimmerman seen a guy walking fast in the rain, with the obvious purpose of getting home and out of the rain, Zimmerman would have never given it a second thought.

Anyone with a brain knows that Trayvon was up to no good, and his body language portrayed that, and Zimmerman called the police because of this.

Hell, just the FACT that Trayvon ran off and Zimmerman thought that he was gone, then Trayvon ATTACKED Zimmerman without any provocation PROVES that Trayvon was bad. Zimmerman did what any person in that situation would have done, he protected himself!

Now, you have Trayvon’s mom, who has trademarked her son’s name (I mean, really, who does that?!?), on national television talking against the Stand Your Ground law. Hell, the defense did not need, nor did they try to use, that law because it was so blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain that Zimmerman was acting in self defense when he killed that young asshole!

I think that it is repugnant that this supposedly grieving mother is trying to stay in the public eye and trying to keep this stuff alive. So, she is a poor parent who didn’t teach her son that it is wrong to attack an innocent man and we are supposed to pay attention to her political views. She doesn’t like the Stand Your Ground law? Fuck her.

There I’ve said it. You know you think the same thing deep down. We need to stop being so politically correct.

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