Justice for Trayvon rallies

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Today, the race-mongers are inciting protests and riots. I was looking at some of the news sites and saw this post on CNN:

“I have a friend who lives in Denver and I live in Seattle. My friend, Roger, is of Caucasian descent, I am of African-American. When the trial was aired, I didn’t realize his view was strong for Zimmerman until there was a tense moment between us both on Facebook. I actually had to stop our conversation because it was getting weird. We saw each other a few weeks ago at a tournament and didn’t discuss it or bring it up. When the verdict came out, “Not Guilty,” he posted. “They Got It Right.” I was pissed off and still am. I just can’t see how a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles is dead by gun by a watchman who was told not to follow him.”

This nice girl and her friend Roger seem to be decent people. However, they are caught up in the emotion of a non-issue. Now, I am not saying that the death of a young man is a non-issue at all…it is tragic and any sane person will certainly wish that it had not happened, myself included.

That said, the girl from above said “I just can’t see how a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles is dead by gun by a watchman who was told not to follow him.”

It is obvious from her comments that she did not watch the trial and hence she really has no idea what really happened. She has let herself be manipulated by the media and by the race-mongers.

Were she to have watched the trial with an unbiased mind she would have realized a few FACTS:

A) Trayvon was not a young boy unarmed with iced tea and Skittles

Trayvon was a young man who, unprovoked, attacked another man and tried to kill him by punching him in the face, knocking him into the ground, then pounding his head into concrete with the intention of cracking his skull like an eggshell.

All of the evidence points to this and it is corroborated by eye witness testimony.
– Expert analysis of Trayvon’s pants knees showed that he was on top of George Zimmerman.
– Eyewitness accounts confirmed that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the concrete.
– Expert analysis of Zimmerman’s clothes showed that he was on his back.
– Expert analysis of Zimmerman’s face and head showed that he was struck in the face by Trayvon and had his head pounded into the concrete.
– Eyewitness accounts confirmed this too.

B) (Zimmerman was) a watchman who was told not to follow him (Martin)

First, Zimmerman had every right to be on that sidewalk…as much as Trayvon did. Second, the non-emergency operator that suggested that Zimmerman not follow the suspicious character had no legal authority at that time, he was just making a suggestion.

ALL evidence and eyewitness accounts verify Zimmerman’s statements to the police (who also believe that Zimmerman was telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) that he was mercilessly attacked by Martin and forced to either use his gun to defend himself or be beaten until he was unconscious and possibly dead.

Now, think about this…really think about it. This nice mislead girl from above who is having problems with her friendship with Roger because of this…had you posed this situation to her prior to the shooting and media attention, but changed the “players” up a bit, would she feel the same way.

Had someone posted an article that two white men had a confrontation and one ended up dead. Then described that a 17 year old white man was acting suspiciously in a neighborhood in the rain. A neighborhood watch captain, on his way to Walmart, noticed the individual and called the non-emergency number for the police and asked them to come out and investigate this individual. The police asked him where, exactly, the person was and he said that he was unsure but he would try to get an address. He saw the person run off and assumed that he was gone. The “watchman” got out of his vehicle and walked to find the address of the building closest to the last place that the suspicious man was. While conversing with the operator on the phone, the operator asked if he was following the suspicious individual and he said yes. Then the operator said “you really shouldn’t do that” and he said “Ok” and then headed back to his car.

Then, thinking that the suspicious individual was long gone the “watchman” told the phone operator that he was gonna hang up and just to have the police officer that was on his way to call him on his cell when he arrived.

So, the watchman thinks it is over, and is heading back to his car. 4 minutes have passed.

Now, out of the dark that suspicious character just appears and says “You got a problem?” The startled watchman says “No, I don’t have a problem. What are you talking about?” And then, in the dark, the suspicious character hits him (cold cocks is the appropriate term) in the face and breaks his nose while saying “You do now.”. Then that suspicious character knocks the startled watchman with the now broken nose to the ground and begins to pound him in the face and pound his head into the concrete.

Now, stunned with a broken nose, contusions all over his face and head, and with a mad-man on top of him beating him almost senseless the watchman screams for help. He screams for his life! He sees a man come outside and screams for him to help. The man says “I’m calling 911.” To which the watchman replies, “No come help me, get him off of me.” The man (now a witness) decides to not get physically involved and calls 911.

On his back, the watchman perceives that the suspicious character has seen the watchman’s gun. The guys eyes focus on the gun and he tells the watchman that he has just beaten good “You are gonna die tonight.” They are both still struggling and now the watchman is scared to death. The guy is going for his gun. The watchman wriggles and struggles and pulls his gun out and pulls the trigger.

The bad guy who has been on top of him says something to the effect of “You got me.” and he leans up. The watchman pushes him while wriggling out from under him. He is dazed and confused. What just happened? He thought he missed the guy. The guy is now laying on his stomach.

The watchmen suspects that the guy had something in his hands when he hit him. No one can hit that hard…the watchman has never really been hit before or been in a fight. He gets on top of the guy and moves his arms out and feels his palms for the weapon that the guy was hitting him with. Nothing there. “Wow, what just happened, I’m bleeding he thinks.”

He gets up. It’s raining. People are coming out. A man with a flashlight approaches. It’s a cop. He tells the cop that he just shot that guy who attacked him. The cop handcuffs him and removes his gun. The watchman asks the man who called 911 to call his wife. The man calls his wife and tells her that her husband was involved in a shooting. He hears and says “Tell her that I shot someone.” He didn’t want his wife to think that he was hurt or dead.

Now, were these two individuals just to white guys how would the black girl having the issue with her friend Roger have thought about it?

Later if she found out that the 17 year old white MAN did drugs, posted pictures of himself with guns, was suspended from school at the time, had been caught with jewelry and a screw driver in his backpack at school, etc. What would our concerned black girl have thought about this young white man.

She knows that that young white man attacked the watchman. All evidence and witness testimony support that. The police detectives who are trained to evaluate such situations and catch criminals all believe the watchman. She sees the video taken of the watchman and realizes that he never wanted to kill someone. He was not a bad man. He was just a concerned citizen trying to help the police curtail the rash of burglaries that were plaguing his neighborhood.

I truly agree that had the above been the situation, the girl would not have giving this case a second thought and would have agreed that even though it was tragic, the 17 year old man should have just gone home. He should not have attacked the watchman and the watchman did what anyone would do in that same situation…he defended his own life.

Is Racial Prejudice still a problem?

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I think the answer to the question, “Is Racial Prejudice still a problem?” is a very simple, Yes and No. Let me explain.

No matter what race you are, think about the last 5 times that you went to the movies? Now, try to remember how many black people, white people, Hispanic people, Asian people, etc were in the movie theater with you. Now what about the last time that you went out to eat? Think about public places that you go where like minded people go and consider this question.

Now, I know if you go to the mall you will notice the teenagers…of all races. They don’t count.

If you really ponder this, if someone was acting civilly in public, they are dressed appropriately and have manners, you really didn’t notice what race they were. If you have a casual encounter with someone either holding the door open for them, or vice versa, did it really make an impression as to what race they were? Or did you just think, “What a nice person…I wish more people were like us.”

A casual conversation with a stranger from another race in a public place, was there any racial tension there from you or that person?

Of course not.

Normal, every day Americans do not have racial prejudices anymore.

Now wait a minute, you say, I’ve used racial slurs when I see those “you know what’s” in the mall, or at a gas station, or whereever showing that they are “low lifes” so even I am not 100% non-racist.


Do you look down upon the nice lady or gentleman of another race that was a total stranger that let you go first at a 4 way stop? What about the one that you waved to go thru first and they waved back? When you walk your neighborhood or ride your bike, or drive your car thru, and that same neighbor of another race waves at you and you wave back, are you being fake or do you sincerely have good wishes towards that person? Do you believe that they actually have good wishes towards you?

Everyone has used a racist word when describing someone that is doing something that they do not approve of. It doesn’t mean that you are racist. If you get mad at someone of the opposite sex, do you sometimes call them (even if it is just in your mind, or under your breath) a “bitch” “dick” “asshole” etc? How about a fat person that aggravates you in public? Ever think or mutter something about their weight? A bald guy pisses you off, do you ever even think something disparaging about him and use his baldness in your mental tirade? And the list goes on, short people, old people, young people, people with bad haircuts, people with bad teeth, with pimples, with a rash, whatever.

We all do it. It does not mean that we hate fat people, too skinny people, people of other races, old people, whatever. It means that we are just human.

I pose this to you, normal every day citizens of the United States are not prejudiced against someone strictly because of their race. So, in part the answer to the first question that I asked is no but with a caveat, racial prejudice is not a problem anymore…for the majority of us.

However, there are still narrow minded individuals that are racially prejudiced. Well, you think, there you go…white folks still hate other folks because of their race.

Well, yes, some white folks. But I suggest that you pay attention to the news, both local and national for a while. Look back over old news stories.

Who is out there giving off racial vibes. Who is out there stirring things up? Who is out there inciting people emotionally and sometimes inciting them to riot?

The people who have something to gain from it. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

What good have these men ever done? How many innocent people have they “prosecuted” in the court of public opinion? When it turns out that they were wrong do they apologize? No. They ignore it. They refuse to admit that they were wrong. These men are doing all that they can to try to enhance racism.

All good people should first of all, ignore anything these race-mongers have to say. We should encourage others to do the same.

There was a Star Trek episode back with good old Captain Kirk years ago where an EVIL BEING manipulated other creatures to hate each other and to fight. The evil being actually fed off of the feelings of hatred. When Kirk and his crew figured this out, they convinced EVERYONE to lay down their weapons and focus on feelings of togetherness and happiness. When all of the combatants did this, the EVIL BEING was forced to leave them alone because it got no benefit from their feelings of camaraderie.

Well, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, politicians that use their race as an issue or a weapon, organizations that focus on their color or race, anyone that tries to promote their race over others…these are the EVIL BEINGS that we all need to ignore. When we can come together and tell these folks “enough is enough” stop the race baiting and we are going to ignore you anytime separatist, hateful, racist words come out of your mouth then, and only then, can we begin the end of racism.

The video of the New Black Panthers offering a bounty on George Zimmerman is over a year old

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I have seen numerous posts on Facebook and on other websites trying to incite Conservatives and various racist factions in to thinking that the Black Panthers have offered a bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman AFTER he was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. This is not true. This particular video is from early in 2012.

Take a look below at the video on YouTube…if you search for it you will see that it is dated “1 Year Ago”

Congressional Black Caucus says Zimmerman violated Martin’s Civil Rights

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The Congressional Black Caucus has determined that George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s Civil rights. They also say that they stand with the NAACP and intend to push the Department of Justice to bring Federal Hate Crimes charges against George Zimmerman.

Look at what these simpletons are riled up about. A nice man, George Zimmerman, was trying to watch out for his neighborhood. From all accounts of people that know Zimmerman he does not have a racist bone in his body. Not only is he not racist, he actually cares about black people. Look at some FACTS about Zimmerman:

– He grew up with black children living in his parents home at various parts of his childhood.

– He has numerous black friends.

= He was tutoring black children, recently, and even continued tutoring them even though the program that was sponsoring this was shut down.

– He took a black girl to one of his high school dances.

– He voted for Barack Obama.

When asked by the operator, on the non-emergency line that he called to report a suspicious individual in his neighborhood, what race the individual was…”White, Hispanic, or Black?” Zimmerman replied “I think he is black.” That night it was dark out and Trayvon Martin had a hoodie on which made it difficult for Zimmerman to know what race Martin was when he originally called the police.

This nice, caring man is who the NAACP, the black Congressional Caucus, and our Justice Department are wanting to crucify? Seriously?

Now, with no evidence what-so-ever that Zimmerman violated anyone’s civil rights, ever, our Department of Justice has launched an aggressive campaign soliciting tips from the general public that would help build a case against George Zimmerman.

This is our Justice Department, once again, abusing its power and violating the rights of one of our citizens…George Zimmerman.

We need to stand up to these racist bullies! All people, blacks and non-blacks, should contact their elected officials and tell them to put pressure on both President Obama, and the Justice Department, to leave George Zimmerman alone.

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

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The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:
“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury…; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

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